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Isaia Antonaci, born in Sesto San Giovanni (Mi) in 1985, shifted his focus to martial arts and Eastern philosophies after studying at the Brera Academy in Milan. His art reflects a post-vandal matrix, where the sign holds an intimate and contemplative value. Influenced by his study and immersion in martial disciplines, Antonaci’s gestural and urban figuration undergoes a transformation and reduction process, resulting in a unique pictorial technique characterized by “empty” and indirect actions. These techniques, experienced in both absence and fullness, serve as a reflection of Zen teachings.


‘Action embodies fullness within the void, driving the creative process.¬†Painterly gestures, through the language of the body, convey information that transcends figurative forms. The goal is to liberate creativity from the confines of rigidity, confronting and surpassing the boundaries of the self. Through the exploration of philosophical concepts and personal growth, purity spontaneously emerges, eliminating the superfluous.¬†

Surfaces are shaped and left to interact with the surrounding environment, forging a deep connection with the material itself. This process reflects our unconscious state and confronts external contrasts, transforming the material into a means of artistic expression. Metamorphosis and dialogue with the viewer define this visual language, inviting reflection and rediscovery of identity through engraved bodily movement.

In this artistic journey, every trace becomes a bridge between the material and the transcendent, where through meditation and action, in the totality of the moment, we reunite with the divine being. It is a quest for clarity amidst uncertainty, opening various perspectives for reflection on the meaning of existence, the relationship between the individual and the universe, and the dynamics of identity and transformation.’