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“Sintesi: massa/calco/frammento” 

With this series of work Isaia allows us to enter into the elaboration of his pictorial process: the sign is transferred onto the canvas by color casts made on paper, therefore painting, in this case, is an indirect consequence, an action in the non action. From a “mass of energy” the mold for a second work comes to life, and so on, until its reduction… finally, it synthesizes the work in the residue of the first cast released, now torn, divided and consumed but which contains the core of this analysis. It is a circular work, which is reduced through different stages of maturation, from material stratified over time to a “shroud” that traces the essence of its path.




Casts as footprints: an imprint is the mark that leaves a body imprinted on another. It is the trace left by an organism or physical phenomenon on the surface of a sedimentary layer; they are images made up of the passage of a body which later dissolved, from a natural phenomenon such as rain, humidity, heat… of which forms negatively engraved in the artistic event remain…  it is the decomposition of the transposition of the elements released in the pictorial action.




Installation for a temporary theater in Milan, in which the works in canvas and acetate are hung on a supporting structure, used in theaters to hold the sets. Illuminated with lights that vary in color, the signs between the various acetates are reflected on the canvases, changing “environments” or points of view of the work itself. The viewer can pass through the installation and live this sensorial experience.


“Presenti”, Galleria Martesana, Milan

“Calchi”, Arte Città Amica, Turin

1st prize in painting section “Biennale d’Arte Metropoli di Torino”, award ceremony at the Teatro Agnelli in Turin.

“Ritorno in città”, Galleria Martesana, Milan

Mausoleo Bella Rosin, Turin


COCA project show more…  

“Sintesi”, Galleria Spazio Porpora, Milan

“Impronte” Open Art, Milano Isola


“Ambienti” scenographic installation, Zenpuntozero Teatro, Milan


“Anima” Open Art, Milan

Mausoleo Bella Rosin, Turin


Bushwick Open Studio, Brooklyn (NY)

Isaia Antonaci is an Italian painter based in Milan, to keep in touch or send a message please fill out the form below.

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