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Isaia Antonaci was born in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) in 1985, after studying at the Brera Academy in Milan in 2008, he dedicated his research to martial disciplines and oriental philosophies, traveling in Asia and living in New York.  His painting is the expression of the change over time, of the trails left by the passage of the elements.  A material painting made up of “empty” and indirect actions.



An imprint is the mark that leaves a body imprinted on another. It is the trace left by an organism or physical phenomenon on the surface of a sedimentary layer; they are images made up of the passage of a body which later dissolved, from a natural phenomenon such as rain, humidity, heat… of which forms negatively engraved in the artistic event remain.

The signs are then repeated with variable combinations and translated from one surface to another. From a “mass of energy” the mold for a second work comes to life, and so on, until its reduction. Shreds of color, scraps of matter… they are linked together like a dense fabric of memories. It is not a decorative composition, it is the decomposition of the transposition of the elements released in the pictorial action.


The works are divided into

Casts: the result of the transposition of the elements (works on canvas).

Fragments: “printing matrices” on paper, now consumed to the limit, used as a vehicle for transposition (they are then applied on self-supporting or hanging plexiglass panels, becoming double-sided works).

”Residui di matrice”

(“Residues of matrix”)




”Massa – calco – frammento”

(“mass – cast – fragment”)





20/11 -5/12/21: “Presenti” collective at Galleria Martesana (MI)

6/11 – 16/11/21: “Calchi” solo exhibition, Arte Città Amica, via Rubiana 15, Torino

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3/10/21: 1st prize in painting section “Biennale d’Arte Metropoli di Torino” (TO), award ceremony at the Teatro Agnelli in Turin.

23/9 -10/10 2021: “Ritorno in città”, collective at Galleria Martesana (MI)

29/9 – 5/10 2021: Mausoleo Bella Rosin (TO)

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“Sintesi”solo exhibition, Milan

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“Impronte” Open Art, Milano Isola


“Ambienti” scenographic installation, Zenpuntozero Teatro, Milan

2014: “Anima” Open Art, Milano

2014: Collective to Mausoleo Bella Rosin, Turin

2011: Collective “Bushwick Open Studio” in Brooklyn (NY)